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Sharecare tips: What are green days?

How green days can help you improve your health

As a Blue Cross of Idaho member, you have access to Sharecare, a wellbeing app and tool that helps you understand your daily habits and how to live a longer, healthier life. When you create your Sharecare account, you'll take the RealAge® test, which is the foundation of your Sharecare experience. After you get your results from the RealAge test, you’ll see content that is tailored to you based on your responses.

what are green daysYou can improve your RealAge by earning “green days.” Here are some common questions about how green days improve your RealAge.

Frequently asked questions about green days

What are green days?

Green days are what Sharecare uses to measure your progress. Earning green days contributes to a reduction in your RealAge.

Which health factors are tracked?

There are 13 health factors you can track through Sharecare, including: weight, stress, tobacco use, sleep, relationships, medications, exercise, diet, cholesterol, blood pressure, steps, glucose and alcohol use. A health factor is “green” if you meet or avoid the recommended amount. For instance, getting seven hours of sleep earns a “green” for the sleep factor. Reporting no stress in your day earn a "green" for the stress factor.

How many factors does it take to earn a green day?

When any eight of the 13 health factors are green on any given day, you earn a green day.

How does daily “in-the-green” tracking work?

Some RealAge health trackers, such as steps and sleep, can be set up to update automatically by connecting your devices like your phone or other fitness device. Some, like diet, need to be entered manually. Other trackers, which don’t require daily input for most users, can be customized. It takes just a few moments each day to update your key health factors and track the days you’re “in the green.”

Why should I use the trackers?

Trackers are a great way to keep an eye on your daily habits and start living a healthier life. Sharecare helps you track the core health factors that most impact your health and gives you real-time feedback for making better choices.

How many green days do I need to improve my RealAge?

After you earn 60 green days within a 90-day window, you will be prompted to recalculate your RealAge to see how you’ve improved your health over that time period. Your new RealAge will depend on your starting point and how much you’ve used Sharecare.

For more information

If you have any questions about green days or Sharecare, please call 866-577-8199 or visit You can also find out more about Sharecare and how to download the app here.

Disclaimer: This wellness program is administered by Sharecare, Inc., an independent company that provides health improvement management services to Blue Cross of Idaho members. Sharecare, Inc., does not provide Blue Cross of Idaho products or services and is solely responsible for the health improvement management services it provides.


Posted: September 7, 2022