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Wellness exams keep you healthy

Why you should go to the doctor every year for a wellness exam

wellness exams keep you healthy

It’s important to go to your doctor every year for a wellness exam even if you aren’t sick. A wellness exam gives you and your doctor the chance to talk about any health concerns before they become serious issues.

While not a head-to-toe physical exam, your doctor can ask you questions, screen for illnesses and order tests. This information can help your doctor create a health plan for you to help address any current or future health issues. Working with your doctor is a great way to stay healthy for the next year.

Best of all, an annual wellness exam will cost little to nothing in out-of-pocket costs. A wellness exam is also a great time to take care of preventive screenings and stay up to date on vaccines. Talk to your doctor to find out how often you should get important preventive screenings.

Don’t have a doctor? We can help.

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Posted: June 28, 2021