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How can I poison-proof my home?

According to the United States Health Resources and Services Administration, more than 2 million poisoning cases are reported in the U.S. each year. More than 90% of poisonings happen at home, usually in the kitchen or bathroom. To avoid accidental poisonings, the Health Resources and Services Administration recommends these tips for preventing poisonings in your home.

how can I poison-proof my homeStore medicines properly

Keep medications locked up and away from children. Additionally, keep medicines in their original packaging, which includes instructions on dosage and how you should take them. This can help you make sure your taking the right amount of the right medication.

Keep household products secured

When storing household products, such as cleaning products and disinfectants, keep them in their original packaging – don’t put them in food or drink containers. Keep these products secure and out of children’s reach. Follow the instructions on the product label – misusing it could lead to sickness or poisoning.

Practice food safety

Proper food preparation can help you avoid food poisoning or other foodborne illnesses. Here are some tips to prepare food safely:

  • Before buying food, make sure that it is properly sealed. If the safety seal on a container is opened, do not eat it.
  • Before preparing food, wash your hands and work surfaces (e.g., countertops, tables, cutting boards).
  • Store food at proper temperatures. Refrigerated foods shouldn’t be stored at temperatures above 40 degrees.
  • Serve food at the proper temperature. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outline safe temperatures for certain foods.

How can I get help if I suspect poisoning?

The Health Resources and Services Administration recommends you call the Poison Helpline at 800-222-1222 to be connected to a local poison center for help. This service is a free service.

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Posted: March 15, 2023